Last weekend saw the long-awaited release of the next installment of the SOUND VOLTEX series. On the night from Thursday to Friday, all cabinets in Japan were automatically upgraded to GRAVITY WARS, and first video material of the new game found its way onto the internet only a few hours later. Youtube user LIRINSKY is currently in the process of uploading Full HD audiovisual captures directly from the cabinets – you can see his videos here.

With the release of the new version, a number of interesting features have been added, even new ones that haven’t been showcased at the locationtest yet. These include:

  • FX Lasers being able to breach the horizontal boundaries of the chart
  • Charge notes “overlapping” other notes
  • Charts zooming in and out to a variable degree (this being a great example)
  • Card printers attached to most machines (cards can be won through in-game challenges)
  • The color of the FX Lasers being changeable in the options menu (New!)

If any online updates in the future add new content, it will be amended here with the tag “New!” behind it.


You can listen to the new menu music made by Sota Fujimori here.

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