Could Taiko no Tatsujin see an international release in the near future?

Sometime last week, the official international website of Bandai Namco games was updated to include an english-language leaflet for the wildly popular rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin, which has the player play two traditional japanese Taiko drums to the beat of over 800 songs. This is notable because Taiko updates and leaflets have, up until now, only been listed on the official japanese page, which has a different URL and server entirely.

Additionally, there have been new Taiko-like arcade machines (called “Wadaiko Master“) spotted around various locations in Brazil, evoking the image of what some call a location test for an international release of the game. TaikoTime has some videos of the machines running which, amongst other things, showcase the songlist which seems to have been slightly altered for southern american audiences. Whether or not this is actually an official location test is still not clear, as is the importance of the leaflet. For now, Taiko fans will just have to wait and see.

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