Just who are you?

We’re a small team of dedicated BEMANI players from the BeNeLux states and western Germany. Currently, we’re 3 people working actively on the site, but we’re hoping to have more members, and perhaps even organize meetups in the near future!

Why Bemani BeNeLux?

Because we want to bring the playerbase of rhythm games in Central Europe closer together. There used to be forums for DDR and its spinoffs all around Europe, but after the hype and general media attention died in the late 2000’s, most of those sites disbanded or lost activity. We know the players are still out there and looking for ways to connect, though, and we’d like to enable them to do that.

What are your goals?

In order of probability of actually reaching them:

1.) Connect the BEMANI and rhythm game player base in western-central Europe. Providing a centralized info hub for rhythm gamers in the BeNeLux states.

2.) Enabling meetups, arcade machine funds, etc.

3.) Managing a presentable site for the community in order to be able to go to arcade owners in Europe and point them to it. “Look, there’s people who’ll go to your place and give you MONEY to play these things! Import 20, now!”

4.) Getting Konami to realize there’s people interested in their rhythm game franchise in Europe. Creating a platform for the fans to get in touch with them, if at all possible.

5.) Official E-Amusement support for Europe.

You’re crazy, this will never work.

Probably not. Then again, so far, it’s worked in the UK (VEGA London), France (ArcadeStreet Paris), Stockholm (HEY STHLM), Zoetermeer (NVGM) and others, and there’s various places in the Netherlands and Germany that are essentially arcade museums run by volunteers, so… Who knows?


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