People in Western Germany

This is a list of people in Western Germany who either run or regularly visit a public arcade or have at least one Arcade-style Bemani controller and are looking for others to play with.

The community in Western Germany has a Discord and a Telegram channel. If you want to get invited, write either CHZK on Telegram or CHZK#4658 in Discord.


Games: IIDX, SDVX, pop’n, Jubeat,

Equipment: A DAO FP7 for IIDX, as well as a VIRGOO Turbocharger for SDVX and a Kitchinger’s ASC for pop’n music. I have my own dedicated Bemani-PC running and can always invite people over!

Location: In the central Ruhr area. For exact info, PM me.

Contact: chzk [ät] reibzlam dot de

eAmusement / Home Server name? CHZK

Home Arcade:  Used to be Astro City in Southend, UK, until the end of 2016. Nowadays it’s the Games Guild in Alphen aan den Rijn, which has a really cool arcade room run by a bunch of my friends. The arcade closest to me is the Giga Center in Cologne, Germany, but they got rid of their last remaining rhythm game (ITG) in 2016.

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