Arcade Locations in the Netherlands

Currently, we’re working on a comprehensive writeup of arcade locations in the Netherlands that are housing one or more music games. For this, we’re always looking for people who can provide info or help out by writing an article or two!

In the meantime, you can visit DDRNL for info on arcade locations, meetups, and more!



Address: Polonceaukade 27, Amsterdam

Rhythm games: DDR SuperNova, THE Bishi Bashi

Description: Pretty much the arcade with the most diverse setup in all of the Netherlands. Almost exclusively Japanese imports with some real gems mixed in. Great place to eat too, though a bit pricey. Find the full review here.



Address: Gasthuisplein 5, Zandvoort

Rhythm games: DDR X2

Description: NaN




Address: Palace Promenade, Scheveningen, Den Haag

Rhythm games: DDR SuperNova, Pump it Up Pro, Guitar Hero Arcade

Description: One of your not-so-standard beach arcades. They have very well-maintained rhythm gaming machines and a small but active community. Very fun to visit in the summer, especially in conjunction with the beach. Host of the biannual FAST meetups (Funland Arrow Stomp Tournament).


Address: Theaterplein 11, Zoetermeer

Rhythm games: pop’n music 20, Jubeat Qubell, Sound Voltex IV, Groove Coaster 3, Taiko no Tatsujin 13, DDR SuperNova, Future TomTom

Description: At present easily the biggest arcade in the entire Netherlands (thinly disguised as a museum). Located at Zoetermeer’s central mall, it’s not only conveniently placed but also has the space for over a hundred different machines! Besides arcade machines, they also have home setups for retro consoles, complete with 80’s and 90’s style room decoration to go with it. It’s really worth visiting if you’re ever in Den Haag, as it’s a short 20-minute trip from the town. 10€ gets you 3 hours of playtime, and 15€ gets you a day ticket.


Address: Concordiastraat 29, Alphen aan den Rijn

Rhythm Games: Jubeat Qubell, Stepmania Converted Cabinet, beatmania THE FINAL

Description: After having hosted rhythm gaming events for more than 3 years, the guys from DDR-Exp finally got their own location in 2017. The arcade, which has both a cozy back room feeling and some 80’s flair to it (thanks to fancy neon and LED stripes), is located in the same building as the Games Guild where DDR-Exp has been taking place since 2014. There is currently no entry fee and the machines are pay-per-play (1€ per credit).



  1. There is a new arcade that just opened on a couple locations. It is called The game box. Yesterday I checked the one from Apeldoorn and they have 1x Pump It Up Pro and 1x Taiko no Tatsujin (not sure which).

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