Rainbow announces new “lifesized” IIDX controller

This week, Rainbow Controller Japan finally jumped onto the bandwagon of full-sized Bemani controllers with their announcement of the “Rainbow Classic”, an arcade-perfect replica of the P1 side of the IIDX DJ deck. The “Classic” will be the first completely arcade-accurate controller of the chinese company that, so far, has made a name for themselves with their affordable and very portable IIDX controllers.

Even though official product page of the “Classic” controller doesn’t feature a lot of info yet, as its price is still set at 0 Yen (just as for their upcoming SDVX controller), and all pictures shown so far are only 3D-renditions, it does mention the possibility of a double-player version being available in the near future. This would make Rainbow the third company to manufacture carbon copies of the full IIDX DJ deck (after DAO and Desktop Arcade).

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