IPF 2016 taking place on the 10th of September – in the Netherlands!

As the time for the yearly International Pump Festival (IPF) rolls around, participants might have noticed a new country joining the fray: Thanks to the diligent work of Thumbsy and the friendly support from the guys at Funland Scheveningen, the Netherlands will be making their IPF debut next Saturday!

Starting at 12:00, contestants will be able to practice on Free Play, with the real competition starting at 15:00 in the afternoon. There will be 3 types of rounds (National, International, and Free Style), with classes divided by Single/Doubles as well as gender, and song difficulties ranging from S18 to D27.

This marks the first time that Dutch PIU players will be representing their country at the IPF, and the feedback from the community has been fittingly ecstatic. Besides the usual suspects from DDRNL, Deschuur will also be present at the event, possibly even with some participants of their own! We at Bemani BeNeLux wish everyone the best of luck and of course lots of fun during this upcoming weekend!

You can find out more details about the competition, as well as the signup form and ruleset in the official DDRNL thread here.

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