EZ2AC might have something big planned for next year

The korean music game producer Square Pixels might have something new in stock for their running line of EZ2AC machines. After having taken over the EZ2 franchise following the demise of Amuseworld, the korean studio completely rebuilt EZ2DJ from scratch, now calling it “EZ2AC”. The newly developed game featured over 40 new tracks, 2 additional game modes (“EZ2Catch” and “Turntable”), and a completely new cabinet design, which got rid of the effector slider and replaced it with 4 buttons in the middle of the control deck. Now, it looks like Square Pixels might have their next big idea ready.

Earlier this morning, the official EZ2AC website went offline, only to reappear minutes later with a video embedded on their main page. As the video’s contents aren’t very clear, it is, as of now, completely uncertain what it could mean, but one thing’s for sure: Square Pixels has something in stock for next year.

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