[Editorial] Will we see IIDX23 copula come out Mid-November?

The new version of Beatmania IIDX, called copula, which premiered in July, might not be released before Mid-November, according to a new status update on the official Konami page for the current installment of the series, IIDX22 PENDUAL. The September 25th note talks about a PENDUAL-specific function being removed from the game on November 11th, namely the ability to purchase hourglasses in order to change the game’s current phase. These hourglasses will no longer be purchasable from the 28th of October on, with them being removed from the game entirely on November 11th. This hints at PENDUAL being replaced by copula either on the weekend in-between (6th) or the weekend after the removal of hourglasses (13th of November).

Considering the current release schedule, copula could already be considered slightly delayed, as recent IIDX installments have usually been released in September or October (the only exception being the late SPADA, which was also released during Mid-November).

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