DJDAO releases Jubeat ASC!

Today DJDao has released their announced Jubeat ASC, for the price of 400$. However, it comes without a screen, so you’ll have to buy one yourself. Of course, the DAO Arcade-Style controller doesn’t support all displays, so here’s a small rundown of the basic qualities a screen must have in order to be compatible:

  • Must be VESA-certified (most low-midrange consumer displays are)
  • Must have DVI port (DVI-D, DVI-I or D-sub)
  • Total width of the screen itself must be less than 42cm (including frames)
  • The frames themselves shouldn’t be wider than 4.1cm at most
  • It must be a 16:9 LCD monitor, either 26 or 27 inches across.

More info and pictures can be found at DAO’s store.


  1. I’m really curious as to what software you use in conjunction with the controller since I can’t really find any such info, do you know?

    • There’s a nifty japanese program called Jubeat Analyser, which emulates the arcade game pretty well. You can find it here:

      Of course, there’s also ways to play the official game on your computer, but you’ll have to ask the people over at sows for that…

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