Bemani BeNeLux goes Japan!

Yes, you read right! From the 20th of March to the 4th of April, we’ll hang around the Tokyo Metropolian Area to see the sights, eat some ramen, drink lots of sake, and of course try out all those amazing games that we, over here in Europe, can only dream of.

Of course, we’ll take our cameras and notebooks, so you can expect plenty of pictures, reviews, and updates from the land of the rising sun while we’re there! Current plans include many, many, many arcade visits, game reviews, a showcase of all the amazing Bemani merch available over there, and much more! Basically, we’re really excited, and we hope so are you! Before going to Japan, however, we’ll be at DDR-Exp 3, providing setups for Beatmania, pop’n music, and SOUND VOLTEX! So if you’re free on the 6th of February, drop by and say hi!

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