Astro City Cab Movement Announcement Draft

Hey guys, it’s the Astro City community management speaking.

Lately, we’ve been faced with a number of increasingly difficult problems related to the management of Astro City, especially concerning possible expansion plans of the arcade. To this end, we’ve had significant dialogue with the owner of the arcade over the last few months, all of which sadly didn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion.

We therefore regret to announce that, after much difficult consideration, we’ve decided to remove all arcade cabinets belonging to members of our community from Astro City. These include:

Beatmania IIDX
pop’n music

Furthermore, from the 1st of September on, we will no longer offer any lock-ins or other services for Astro City Southend, as we are stepping down from our position as community managers. This has been a very difficult decision for us to make, but we very much value the games we’ve brought into the arcade, as well as the community surrounding them, and we can no longer in good faith consider Astro City to be a fitting place for either of them.

For the time being, all the machines listed above will be moved into temporary storage. We have very definite plans to bring them back into the public sphere as soon as possible, but we cannot make any commitments as of yet. Rest assured however, that we are working our hardest to find a new place suitable to the needs of the community.

Lastly, thank you very much for all your appreciation and support. This last year with you guys has been an absolute blast, and we’re confident that it can only get better from here on out.

– The Astro City community management

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